Monday, March 20, 2017

We all should reduce our collective "CARBON FOOTPRINT"

We all should reduce our collective "CARBON FOOTPRINT"

Why we need to think about our habits! It's all about choices, and what is right for you?

Our Carbon Footprints are Bigger than we think, here below is a link to a calculator that can help you understand what a carbon footprint is and how to make a few simple changes in your normal routine that can help to reduce your footprint.
When you think about the beauty of a flower arrangement, you never give a lot of thought to where they came from and how far have they traveled to get to you. Huge amounts (70-80%) of cut flowers are shipped everyday from growers to the distributors, to the shops that make the arrangements and then deliver them to you.
Considering that most of the cut flowers from abroad usually from farms in places like Colombia, and Ecuador, in South America, they are shipped in refrigerated trucks, loaded onto planes and shipped to other cities, loaded back on refrigerated trucks, hauled to refrigerated warehouses, then sorted and shipped again by refrigerated trucks to the vendors, or back to the airport for further shipping destinations, and other shipping options. This is not simple and it not very green when you consider the carbon footprint over the long term, all are kept in a temperature controlled environment until use.
This is just a tiny view of our Carbon Footprint, but it is a part of everything you do. You can see how this simple flower arrangement has created this Carbon Footprint and we all just need to relate this process to our lives and think before we act so we can reduce our Carbon Footprint. For some great tips and information about your Carbon Footprint use the calculator in the link below and start reducing your impact, "Go Greener!"

There are also chemicals and procedures that are not legal in the US which are affecting the workers in these jobs providing these imported products. Many people are unaware of the daily dangers these workers contend with relating to imported cut flowers. The illnesses related to the workers and their children in this industry are disturbing. Some manufactures are giving attention to some of these issues but the medical problems being created are another impact on the industries Carbon Footprint that has not been identified clearly.

At Natural Silk Flowers we offer the most lifelike silk flowers available at discount prices, and the Carbon Footprint for silk flowers is dramatically lower than real cut flowers, no refrigeration required, less packaging materials are required, so less resources and materials are used. When it come time to dispose of the artificial flowers they are bio-stable and take up minimal space in a landfill, while the original shipping packaging can be recycled. The next best benefit is time, the cut flowers will last 7-10 days and have to be watered every couple of days, and clean up the droppings and wilted stems until it finally gets too hard to look at any more. Our Natural Silk Flowers will last more than 7 years that is 2555 days, that's 2545 days longer and never needs any water.

Thanks for caring about our environment and the people around the world, adjust your actions accordingly please!
Thank you,

For a personal look at your Carbon Footprint
This link will take you to Carbon Footprint home page so you can use the calculator tool.

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